Painter 10 (X)Trial English:Brush List (36 Brushes, 833 Variants)

Painter X (36)

Painter X
Acrylics: .... to top
Captured Bristle
Dry Brush 10
Dry Brush 20
Dry Brush 30
Glazing Acrylic 10
Glazing Acrylic 20
Glazing Acrylic 30
Opaque Acrylic 10
Opaque Acrylic 20
Opaque Acrylic 30
Opaque Detail Brush 3
Opaque Detail Brush 5
Thick Acrylic Bristle 10
Thick Acrylic Bristle 20
Thick Acrylic Bristle 30
Thick Acrylic Flat 10
Thick Acrylic Flat 20
Thick Acrylic Flat 30
Thick Acrylic Round 10
Thick Acrylic Round 20
Thick Acrylic Round 30
Thick Opaque Acrylic 10
Thick Opaque Acrylic 20
Thick Opaque Acrylic 30
Wet Acrylic 10
Wet Acrylic 20
Wet Acrylic 30
Wet Detail Brush 5
Wet Soft Acrylic 10
Wet Soft Acrylic 20
Wet Soft Acrylic 30
Airbrushes: .... to top
Broad Wheel Airbrush 20
Broad Wheel Airbrush 30
Broad Wheel Airbrush 40
Broad Wheel Airbrush 50
Coarse Spray
Detail Airbrush
Digital Airbrush
Fine Detail Air 3
Fine Detail Air 5
Fine Detail Air 8
Fine Spray
Fine Tip Soft Air 20
Fine Tip Soft Air 30
Fine Tip Soft Air 40
Fine Tip Soft Air 50
Fine Wheel Airbrush
Finer Spray 50
Inverted Pressure
Pepper Spray
Pixel Spray
Soft Airbrush 20
Soft Airbrush 30
Soft Airbrush 40
Soft Airbrush 50
Tapered Detail Air 3
Tapered Detail Air 5
Tapered Detail Air 8
Tiny Soft Air 5
Tiny Spattery Airbrush
Variable Splatter
ArtPenBrushes: .... to top
Felt Art Marker
Grainy Calligraphy
Grainy Edge Calligraphy
Soft Cover Brush
Soft Flat Oils
Square Grainy Pastel
Tapered Camel
Tapered Gouache
Thin Smooth Calligraphy
Worn Oil Pastel
Artists: .... to top
Auto Van Gogh
Sargent Brush
Van Gogh
ArtistsOils: .... to top
Blender Bristle
Blender Brush
Blender Palette Knife
Bristle Brush
Clumpy Brush
Clumpy Thin Flat
Dry Bristle
Dry Brush
Dry Clumpy Impasto
Dry Palette Knife
Grainy Blender
Grainy Dry Brush
Grainy Impasto
Impasto Oil
Impasto Palette Knife
Mixer Thin Flat
Oil Palette Knife
Oily Bristle
Smeary Impasto
Soft Blender Brush
Soft Grainy Brush
Soft Grainy Impasto
Tapered Oils
Thick Wet Impasto
Wet Brush
Wet Impasto
Wet Oily Blender
Wet Oily Brush
Wet Oily Impasto
Wet Oily Palette Knife
Blenders: .... to top
Coarse Oily Blender 10
Coarse Oily Blender 20
Coarse Oily Blender 30
Coarse Smear
Detail Blender 3
Detail Blender 5
Diffuse Blur
Flat Grainy Stump 10
Flat Grainy Stump 20
Flat Grainy Stump 30
Grainy Blender 10
Grainy Blender 20
Grainy Blender 30
Grainy Water 30
Grainy Water
Just Add Water
Oily blender 20
Oily blender 30
Oily blender 40
Pointed Stump 10
Pointed Stump 20
Pointed Stump 30
Round Blender Brush 10
Round Blender Brush 20
Round Blender Brush 30
Soft Blender Stump 10
Soft Blender Stump 20
Soft Blender Stump 30
Water Rake
Calligraphy: .... to top
Broad Grainy Pen 40
Broad Smooth Pen 40
Calligraphy brush 10
Calligraphy brush 20
Calligraphy Pen 25
Dry Ink
Grainy Pen 15
Smooth Edge 15
Thin Grainy Pen 10
Thin Smooth Pen 10
Wide Stroke 50
Chalk: .... to top
Blunt Chalk 10
Blunt Chalk 20
Blunt Chalk 30
Dull Grainy Chalk 10
Dull Grainy Chalk 20
Dull Grainy Chalk 30
Large Chalk
Sharp Chalk
Square Chalk 35
Square Chalk
Tapered Artist Chalk 10
Tapered Artist Chalk 20
Tapered Large Chalk 20
Tapered Large Chalk 30
Tapered Large Chalk 40
Variable Chalk
Variable Width Chalk
Charcoal: .... to top
Charcoal Pencil 3
Charcoal Pencil 5
Charcoal Pencil 7
Dull Charcoal Pencil 3
Dull Charcoal Pencil 5
Dull Charcoal Pencil 7
Gritty Charcoal
Hard Charcoal Pencil 3
Hard Charcoal Pencil 5
Hard Charcoal Pencil 7
Hard Charcoal Stick 10
Hard Charcoal Stick 20
Hard Charcoal Stick 30
Sharp Charcoal Pencil 3
Sharp Charcoal Pencil 5
Sharp Charcoal Pencil 7
Soft Charcoal Pencil 3
Soft Charcoal Pencil 5
Soft Charcoal Pencil 7
Soft Charcoal
Soft Vine Charcoal 10
Soft Vine Charcoal 20
Soft Vine Charcoal 30
Cloners: .... to top
Bristle Brush Cloner
Bristle Oils Cloner 15
Camel Impasto Cloner
Camel Oil Cloner
Chalk Cloner
Cloner Spray
Coarse Spray Cloner 50
Colored Pencil Cloner 3
Crayon Cloner
Driving Rain Cloner
Felt Pen Cloner
Fiber Cloner
Fine Gouache Cloner 15
Fine Spray Cloner 35
Flat Impasto Cloner
Flat Oil Cloner
Furry Cloner
Graffiti Cloner 20
Impressionist Cloner
Melt Cloner
Oil Brush Cloner
Pencil Sketch Cloner
Smeary Bristle Cloner
Smeary Camel Cloner
Smeary Flat Cloner
Soft Cloner
Splattery Clone Spray
Straight Cloner
Texture Spray Cloner
Thick Bristle Cloner 20
Thick Camel Cloner 20
Thick Flat Cloner 20
Van Gogh Cloner
Watercolor Cloner
Watercolor Fine Cloner
Watercolor Run Cloner
Watercolor Wash Cloner
Wet Oils Cloner 10
xBilinear 4P
xPerspective 4P
xPerspective Tiling 4P
xRotate 2P
xRotate, Mirror 2P
xRotate, Scale 2P
xRotate, Scale, Shear 3P
xScale 2P
ColoredPencils: .... to top
Colored Pencil
Cover Colored Pencil 3
Cover Colored Pencil 5
Cover Colored Pencil 7
Grainy Colored Pencil 3
Grainy Colored Pencil 5
Grainy Colored Pencil 7
Hard Colored Pencil 3
Hard Colored Pencil 5
Hard Colored Pencil 7
Oily Colored Pencil 3
Oily Colored Pencil 5
Oily Colored Pencil 7
Sharp Colored Pencil 3
Sharp Colored Pencil 5
Sharp Colored Pencil 7
Variable Colored Pencil
Conte: .... to top
Dull Conte 15
Dull Conte 22
Dull Conte 8
Square Conte 15
Square Conte 22
Square Conte 8
Tapered Conte 15
Tapered Conte 22
Tapered Conte 8
Crayons: .... to top
Basic Crayons
Dull Crayon 12
Dull Crayon 7
Grainy Hard Crayon 12
Grainy Hard Crayon 7
Med Dull Crayon 12
Med Dull Crayon 7
Pointed Crayon 12
Pointed Crayon 7
Waxy Crayons
DigitalWatercolor: .... to top
Broad Water Brush
Coarse Dry Brush
Coarse Mop Brush
Coarse Water
Diffuse Water
Dry Brush
Fine Tip Water
Finer Mop Brush
Flat Water Blender
Gentle Wet Eraser
New Simple Blender
New Simple Diffuser
New Simple Water
Pointed Simple Water
Pointed Wet Eraser
Pure Water Bristle
Pure Water Brush
Round Water Blender
Simple Water
Soft Broad Brush
Soft Diffused Brush
Soft Round Blender
Spatter Water
Tapered Diffuse Water
Wash Brush
Wet Eraser
Distortion: .... to top
Coarse Brush Mover
Coarse Distorto
Grainy Distorto 10
Grainy Distorto 20
Grainy Distorto 30
Grainy Mover 20
Grainy Mover 30
Grainy Mover 40
Marbling Rake
Smeary Bristles
Thin Distorto
Water Bubbles 35
Erasers: .... to top
1-pixel Eraser
Block Eraser 10
Block Eraser 20
Erase All Hard
Erase All Soft
Flat Darkener 10
Flat Eraser
Gentle Bleach 10
Gentle Bleach 7
Pointed Bleach 15
Pointed Bleach 7
Pointed Eraser 15
Pointed Eraser 7
Rectangle Eraser 10
Rectangle Eraser 20
Tapered Bleach 10
Tapered Bleach 20
Tapered Bleach 30
Tapered Darkener 10
Tapered Darkener 20
Tapered Darkener 30
Tapered Eraser 10
Tapered Eraser 20
Tapered Eraser 30
F-X: .... to top
Fairy Dust
Furry Brush
Gradient Flat Brush 20
Gradient String
Graphic Paintbrush Soft
Graphic Paintbrush
Hair Spray
Neon Pen
Piano Keys
FeltPens: .... to top
Art Marker
Blunt Tip 3
Blunt Tip 5
Blunt Tip 7
Design Marker 10
Design Marker 20
Design Marker 30
Dirty Marker 10
Dirty Marker 20
Dirty Marker
Felt Marker
Fine Point Marker 5
Fine Tip
Medium Tip Felt Pens
Thick n Thin Marker 10
Thick n Thin Marker 20
Thick n Thin Marker 30
Gouache: .... to top
Broad Cover Brush 40
Detail Opaque 10
Detail Opaque 5
Detail Opaque 7
Fine Bristle 10
Fine Bristle 20
Fine Bristle 30
Fine Round Gouache 10
Fine Round Gouache 20
Fine Round Gouache 30
Flat Opaque Gouache 10
Flat Opaque Gouache 20
Flat Opaque Gouache 30
Opaque Smooth Brush 10
Opaque Smooth Brush 20
Opaque Smooth Brush 30
Thick Gouache Flat 10
Thick Gouache Flat 20
Thick Gouache Flat 30
Thick Gouache Round 10
Thick Gouache Round 20
Thick Gouache Round 30
Wet Gouache Round 10
Wet Gouache Round 20
Wet Gouache Round 30
ImageHose: .... to top
Linear-Size-P Angle-B
Linear-Size-P Angle-D
Linear-Size-P Angle-R
Linear-Size-P Angle-W
Linear-Size-R Angle-D
Spray-Size-P Angle-B
Spray-Size-P Angle-D
Spray-Size-P Angle-R
Spray-Size-P Angle-W
Spray-Size-R Angle-D
Impasto: .... to top
Acid Etch
Clear Varnish
Depth Color Eraser
Depth Equalizer
Depth Eraser
Depth Lofter
Depth Rake
Depth Smear
Distorto Impasto
Grain Emboss
Graphic Paintbrush
Impasto Pattern Pen
Loaded Palette Knife
Opaque Bristle Spray
Opaque Flat
Opaque Round
Palette Knife
Pattern Emboss
Round Camelhair
Smeary Bristle Spray
Smeary Bristle
Smeary Flat
Smeary Round
Smeary Varnish
Thick Bristle 10
Thick Bristle 20
Thick Bristle 30
Thick Clear Varnish 20
Thick Round 10
Thick Round 20
Thick Round 30
Thick Tapered Flat 10
Thick Tapered Flat 20
Thick Tapered Flat 30
Thick Wet Flat 20
Thick Wet Round 20
Variable Flat Opaque
Wet Bristle
LiquidInk: .... to top
Airbrush Resist
Calligraphic Flat 15
Calligraphic Flat
Clumpy Ink 4
Coarse Airbrush Resist
Coarse Airbrush
Coarse Bristle Resist
Coarse Bristle
Coarse Camel Resist
Coarse Camel
Coarse Flat Resist
Coarse Flat
Depth Bristle
Depth Camel
Depth Flat
Drops of Ink 4
Dry Bristle
Dry Camel
Dry Flat
Fine Point Eraser
Fine Point
Graphic Bristle Resist
Graphic Bristle
Graphic Camel Resist
Graphic Camel
Graphic Flat Resist
Graphic Flat
Pointed Flat
Serrated Knife
Smooth Bristle Resist
Smooth Bristle
Smooth Camel Resist
Smooth Camel
Smooth Flat Resist
Smooth Flat
Smooth Knife
Smooth Rake
Smooth Round Nib
Smooth Thick Bristle 12
Smooth Thick Flat 12
Smooth Thick Round 12
Soften Color
Soften Edges and Color
Soften Edges
Sparse Bristle Resist
Sparse Bristle
Sparse Camel Resist
Sparse Camel
Sparse Flat Resist
Sparse Flat
Tapered Bristle 15
Tapered Thick Bristle
Thick Bristle
Velocity Airbrush
Velocity Sketcher
OilPastels: .... to top
Chunky Oil Pastel 10
Chunky Oil Pastel 20
Chunky Oil Pastel 30
Oil Pastel 10
Oil Pastel 20
Oil Pastel 30
Oil Pastel
Round Oil Pastel 10
Round Oil Pastel 20
Round Oil Pastel 30
Soft Oil Pastel 10
Soft Oil Pastel 15
Soft Oil Pastel 20
Variable Oil Pastel 10
Variable Oil Pastel 20
Variable Oil Pastel 30
Variable Oil Pastel
Oils: .... to top
Bristle Oils 20
Bristle Oils 30
Detail Oils Brush 10
Detail Oils Brush 15
Detail Oils Brush 5
Fine Camel 10
Fine Camel 20
Fine Camel 30
Fine Feathering Oils 20
Fine Feathering Oils 30
Fine Soft glazing 20
Fine Soft glazing 30
Flat Oils 10
Flat Oils 20
Flat Oils 30
Flat Oils 40
Glazing Flat 20
Glazing Flat 30
Glazing Round 10
Glazing Round 20
Glazing Round 30
Medium Bristle Oils 15
Medium Bristle Oils 25
Opaque Bristle Spray
Opaque Flat
Opaque Round
Round Camelhair
Smeary Bristle Spray
Smeary Flat
Smeary Round
Tapered Flat Oils 15
Tapered Round Oils 15
Thick Oil Bristle 10
Thick Oil Bristle 20
Thick Oil Bristle 30
Thick Oil Flat 10
Thick Oil Flat 20
Thick Oil Flat 30
Thick Wet Camel 10
Thick Wet Camel 20
Thick Wet Camel 30
Thick Wet Oils 10
Thick Wet Oils 20
Thick Wet Oils 30
Variable Flat
Variable Round
PaletteKnives: .... to top
Loaded Palette Knife
Neon Knife 30
Palette Knife
Sharp Triple Knife 3
Smeary Palette Knife 10
Smeary Palette Knife 20
Smeary Palette Knife 30
Smeary Palette Knife 40
Subtle Palette Knife 10
Subtle Palette Knife 20
Subtle Palette Knife 30
Subtle Palette Knife 40
Subtle Palette Knife 50
Tiny Palette Knife 5
Tiny Smeary Knife 5
Tiny Subtle Knife 5
Pastels: .... to top
Artist Pastel Chalk
Blunt Hard Pastel 40
Blunt Soft Pastel 40
Dull Pastel Pencil 3
Pastel Pencil 3
Round Hard Pastel 10
Round Hard Pastel 25
Round Hard Pastel 40
Round Soft Pastel 10
Round Soft Pastel 25
Round Soft Pastel 40
Round X-Soft Pastel 10
Round X-Soft Pastel 20
Round X-Soft Pastel 30
Sharp Pastel Pencil 3
Soft Pastel Pencil 3
Soft Pastel
Square Hard Pastel 10
Square Hard Pastel 25
Square Hard Pastel 40
Square Soft Pastel 10
Square Soft Pastel 20
Square Soft Pastel 30
Square X-Soft Pastel 10
Square X-Soft Pastel 20
Square X-Soft Pastel 30
Tapered Pastel 10
Tapered Pastel 20
Tapered Pastel 30
PatternPens: .... to top
Pattern Chalk
Pattern Marker Grad Col
Pattern Marker
Pattern Pen Masked
Pattern Pen Micro
Pattern Pen Soft Edge
Pattern Pen Transprnt
Pattern Pen
Pencils: .... to top
2B Pencil
Cover Pencil
Flattened Pencil
Grainy Cover Pencil 2
Grainy Cover Pencil 3
Grainy Cover Pencil 5
Grainy Pencil 3
Grainy Pencil 5
Grainy Variable Pencil
Greasy Pencil 3
Greasy Pencil 5
Greasy Pencil 8
Mechanical Pencil 1.5
Mechanical Pencil 1
Mechanical Pencil 2
Oily Variable Pencil
Sharp Pencil
Sketching Pencil 3
Sketching Pencil 5
Thick and Thin Pencil
Pens: .... to top
Ball Point Pen 1.5
Bamboo Pen 10
Bamboo Pen 20
Barbed Wire Pen 7
Coit Pen 3
Croquil Pen 3
Croquil Pen 5
Fine Point
Flat Color
Grad Pen
Grad Repeat Pen
Leaky Pen
Nervous Pen
Reed Pen 10
Reed Pen 15
Reed Pen 7
Round Tip Pen 10
Round Tip Pen 20
Scratchboard Rake
Scratchboard Tool
Smooth Ink Pen
Smooth Round Pen 1.5
Smooth Round Pen 3
Smooth Round Pen 5
Thick n Thin Pen 3
Thick n Thin Pen 5
Photo: .... to top
Add Grain
Diffuse Blur
Fine Diffuser 30
Saturation Add
Scratch Remover
RealBristleBrushes: .... to top
Real Blender Flat
Real Blender Round
Real Blender Tapered
Real Fan Short
Real Fan Soft
Real Flat Opaque
Real Flat
Real Oils Short
Real Oils Smeary
Real Oils Soft Wet
Real Round Bristle
Real Round
Real Tapered Bristle
Real Tapered Flat
Real Tapered Round
Real Tapered Wet Flat
SmartStrokeBrushes: .... to top
Acrylics Captured Bristle
Acrylics Dry Brush
Chalk Soft
Chalk Textured
Colored Pencils
Gouache Thick Flat
Gouache Thick Round
Pastel Chalk
Pastel Tapered
Sponge Dense
Sponge Soft
Watercolor Broad Brush
Watercolor Runny
Watercolor Soft Diffused Brush
Watercolor Spatter Water
Sponges: .... to top
Dense Sponge 60
Fine Sponge 60
Glazing Sponge 60
Grainy Wet Sponge 160
Grainy Wet Sponge 70
Loaded Wet Sponge 160
Loaded Wet Sponge 70
Smeary Wet Sponge 160
Smeary Wet Sponge 60
Square Sponge 100
Wet Sponge 160
Wet Sponge 70
Sumi-e: .... to top
Coarse Bristle Sumi-e
Detail Sumi-e
Digital Sumi-e
Dry Ink
Fine Sumi-e Large
Fine Sumi-e Small
Flat Sumi-e Large
Flat Sumi-e Small
Flat Wet Sumi-e 20
Opaque Bristle Sumi-e
Soft Bristle Sumi-e 30
Sumi-e Brush
Tapered Digital Sumi-e
Tapered Sumi-e Large
Tapered Sumi-e Small
Thick Blossom Sumi-e
Thin Bristle Sumi-e 20
Variable Thick Sumi-e
Variable Thin Sumi-e 20
Variable Thin Sumi-e 40
Wet Bristle Sumi-e 20
Tinting: .... to top
Basic Round
Blending Bristle 10
Bristle Brush 10
Directional Diffuser
Grainy Glazing Round 15
Hard Grainy Round
Oily Round 35
Soft Eraser
Soft Glazing Round 15
Soft Grainy Round
Tapered Eraser 20
Watercolor: .... to top
Bleach Runny
Bleach Splatter
Diffuse Bristle
Diffuse Camel
Diffuse Flat
Diffuse Grainy Camel
Diffuse Grainy Flat
Dry Bristle
Dry Camel
Dry Flat
Eraser Diffuse
Eraser Dry
Eraser Grainy
Eraser Salt
Eraser Wet
Fine Bristle
Fine Camel
Fine Flat
Fine Palette Knife
Grainy Wash Bristle
Grainy Wash Camel
Grainy Wash Flat
Runny Airbrush
Runny Wash Bristle
Runny Wash Camel
Runny Wash Flat
Runny Wet Bristle
Runny Wet Camel
Runny Wet Flat
Simple Round Wash
Smooth Runny Bristle 30
Smooth Runny Camel 30
Smooth Runny Flat 30
Soft Bristle
Soft Camel
Soft Flat
Soft Runny Wash
Splatter Water
Sponge Grainy Wet
Sponge Wet
Wash Bristle
Wash Camel
Wash Flat
Wash Pointed Flat
Watery Glazing Flat 30
Watery Glazing Round 30
Watery Pointed Flat 30
Watery Soft Bristle 20
Wet Bristle
Wet Camel
Wet Flat
Wet Wash Flat 35