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Delete nib stk Files

This Application delete unnecessary files (*.nib, *.stk,c_*) of Painter 8,

c_*: is temporary brush file (modify setting but not saveyet)
*.nib:is brush shape for Icon view of Variant list of Brush Selector etc.,
Painter 8 make it automatically.
*.stk: is strokeview for Variant list of Brush Selector etc.
Painter 8 make it automatically.

For MacOS X can not read Japanese folder file name, bybug of Runtime Revolution.
Please use for MacOS on Classic Environment for delete Painter8J files.

How to use:

1. Run by Double Click.

2. Drop Brush Category Folders into upper or lower Box on lower partof window.

Upper Box: Delete only *.nib, *.stk (end of file nameis: .nib, .stk).
Lower Box: Delete *.nib, *.stk, c_*
(end of file name is: .nib, .stk, and head of file name is: c_).

No problem: drop *.jpg (Brush Category Icon) files with folders.
For fail proof, no action on drop Brush Library folder (like'Brushes').
(Delete only just under drop folder, ignore files on more lowerfolders)

3. Close by Click Close Box.

This Application made by dddo from UDI's stack.
Made with Runtime Revolution.
I do not give up Copyright, but you can use or modify free.(Opensourcefile)



Runtime Revolution Japanese ML:

Runtime Revolution:

2003.07.21 Ver. 1.0 for MacOS X, MacOS, and Windows.

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